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Default Dumitrita kicked from clan for faking in Mega.

Its simple, this guy was asked to use the concentration perk by his clan leader to help win a mega game at a crucial point of the match and he refused. He in fact lied about not having the perk but I have a screenshot showing that the concentration perk was not disabled like he claimed.

Below are some screenshots catching him in the act of lying. While in clan noxious, the rules are to not cheat, steal or lie to your fellow clan members. I asked for an apology and to rebuy all my missing items but that request was met with silence. This guy continues to maintain his innocence but I suspect he was a fake player from the start, helping someone on the opposite team.

Good riddance Dumitrita, you're an ignorant faker noob and this should be a warning for any clan to not recruit him.

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Default ..

Can u just stop it ?? No one is not care this...
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Originally Posted by BaltazaR View Post
Can u just stop it ?? No one is not care this...
LoL, you sound angry. I hope angry birds come to take you away to a giant nest where they try and raise you and feed you worms but then you say no and try to escape so you try and climb down the tree but the branch breaks and you fall and you get up to see that you're in a far away jungle place and you have to use your wits and the resources around you to survive so that you may one day return to society and stuff.
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well its sad but nor berseker or any other mod cares anymore either leave thhe game or endure how unfair and toxic it is,sad but this is reality
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Still no response from the moderators after 2 fucking months. You pieces of shit don't even read the cheating and abuse section of the forums anymore. What function do you even serve anymore you useless cunts? Perhaps your function is only to pass the butter, that's my opinion of your worhless carcasses that sit on your arse and let your Russian mates cheat all day. And why don't you do something about those Brazillian silver-backed gorillas that are like cancer to any online game they play. Taquaril clan are one of the biggest cluster fucks of single brain-cell brazillian apes that haBITCHually fake over and over, week after week, not giving 2 fucks about inept Russian mods who can't tell a dick from a pussy! Such is their mindless persistence that the mods have been quickly exhausted - mainly due to their defective apathetic Russian genes - and the mods now just ignore the fakes most of the time because they are stuck in a mindless pointless cycle of gunrox which has no purpose anymore apart from letting criminals and psychopaths stroke their e-peens and cum into the faces of complete and utter trash noobs who seems to love to get beaten over and over mindlessly.

Absolute waste of sperm these Russian mods, take them to a concentration camp and gas them and be done with it. Replace them with some proper switched on mods who aren't corrupt - in other words, NOT RUSSIAN MODS!
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