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Totem Tribe II: Jotun - New MMO strategy game from creators of GUNROX
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Default How longer will gunrox last?

Obviously, there will be no Gunrox 2 and Gunrox has been dying since 2012. It's only amount of time until Gunrox produce no money at all. I think us Gunrox should search for a next game so when Gunrox shut down we have other game to play and be together because most people come online for friends. I think crossfire is a good game to play its free and you dont need to charge cash. (262k views in 4 months). I will be creating a clan which will consist of 100 players it will be named Gunrox. The game has over 2.4Million likes on facebook. Many muslims play it. The Game modes are like no other you have Hero mode, Hero mode X, Mutant Mode, TDM, Elmination, Ghost mode, Zombie mode, Mutant vs Knight, Search and Destroy and many more. This game is free no purchases needed at all. They give you free weapons and crates everytime you sign in. Channels are full Everyday 100,000k players. My name in the game is MLG_George I have been playing since 2011.
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Totem Tribe II: Jotun - New MMO strategy game from creators of GUNROX

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