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Totem Tribe II: Jotun - New MMO strategy game from creators of GUNROX
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Default Jovem is a noob in megas, and heres why...

Recently a player called Jovem_maciel has been exhibiting the worst and toxic traits in Gunrox ever seen in the community. He repeatedly spams to kick players like myself out of 5v5 games, lies about people not aborting games and brings arts into games after telling everyone that no arts are allowed into games. I have cited the Gunrox rules to Shuma saying that he is breaking the rules by not "providing a friendly atmosphere to all players" - this is quoted straight from the Gunrox rules post by Berserker, but we all know that Shuma is a mod that interprets the rules differently to a normal and sane human being and does not have the foresight to know that the way to have fun in a game is to have a friendly community with fair rules that don't favor Russians and say to hell with the rest of the paying customers.

Well this time I decided to test Jovem's character by bringing my own arts into a game where I managed to face him. He did his usual song and dance about "don't let Cruentus into megas, Cruentus is noob at megas, Cruentus doesn't abort, etc.." Within the first turn I smashed him with my blinding rpgs and killed one of his units. Now the irony of this is that Jovem is the one who has been bringing a sinister big guns and personal sinister grinders into games after reminding everyone that "no arts allowed". He lies to people to get an advantage over them, like a bully. But is this bully to be feared? Or is he just another internet bully who has no balls whatsoever and needs to use these tactics to make himself feel superior over others?

Well, once he died and realized I had arts, he starts to cry "abort, abort!". The irony of that, however, is that in the previous mega game he was the one to NOT abort when something happened to the opposition team early and they lost a player. Like a backstabbing rat, it was OK for him to deny an abort because he now has a big advantage to win the game and being the bully he is, he will take advantage of other people's misfortune.

Having turned the tables on him, I dominated the next few turns and the enemy threw everything they had at us but we smashed their rush. (remember kids, if you rush you will lose 90% of the time in a turn based strategy game all things being equal) A few turns later, his entire team quit and he was all alone. When you get bullies all alone and vulnerable, they have no character whosoever to face up to the challenge and he quit like the coward he is. Jovem_maciel got his azz handed to him on a platter and because he has small mincey balls, he slunked out of the game as I dealt an paradigm shattering blow to the disrespect he has treated me and others over the past few months. This little bitch has now realized that I am not "some noob" that you can taunt and expect no consequences whatsoever, I will be your worst nightmare if your going to border on being a no life sociopath.

Here is a screenshot of Jovem, all alone with his balls shrunk to microscopic size as he meekly replied that he wont ever quit. Within seconds after this screenshot he quit. I also added some previous evidence of what a loser this Jovem "worthless excuse for a human being" Maciel is.
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Talking I Too Love u my dear

i understand you love me, but no1 needs to know about our love relationship so just leave it alone my baby
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Default Jovem still upset

Ha ha ha, point at him everyone! He is still so upset he refuses to play megas.
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Totem Tribe II: Jotun - New MMO strategy game from creators of GUNROX

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