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Totem Tribe II: Jotun - New MMO strategy game from creators of GUNROX
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Eu tô espancando todo mundo nesse jogo... QUERO GUNROX 2... Eu vou voltar com tudo se lançarem GUNROX 2... 50K CASH TODO MÊS
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Originally Posted by TioOrochi View Post
So you guys will work on another game, then start gunrox 2 ??? This leads to what? 3 or 4 years??? Do you think these NUTELLAS kids will want to play this game with "Outdated graphics" .... you should think about it now, start doing ....
Actually, chances are high that we will start working on it this year.
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Active referal programm once again please
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Default referrals

If you're going to make referrals a thing again, the be sure to make it better this time. People abused the current system very much and got free enkord for that.

If you get Inuyasha banned, i will give u arts.
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Emm i miss the old days 😂
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Totem Tribe II: Jotun - New MMO strategy game from creators of GUNROX

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