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Totem Tribe II: Jotun - New MMO strategy game from creators of GUNROX
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Default Stealer Killer_Man555

Just careful about that noob if he want to buy arts from you never trust him.

ücretsiz resim barındırma

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Old 12-21-2014, 12:22 PM   #2
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she still alive O_o
T.O.B.I ( Member )
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Talking what a noob

hahah you know that he stole arts and gave him hahah you realy stupid
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Old 12-22-2014, 10:35 PM   #4
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Default game already in hell

this player does this a lot, every few months he start play again think players forget that he still art and say he buy for a lot cash and ask few arts befor then take them and no pay.
he did this to me also, i know probably he will do it but i want amek sure, he ask for few arts i say only 1 then money then rest, he say ok then i see the art in market and no cash come.
its ok for me who cars but many litel kids will cry a lot so for all .
only put in market and no play with this guy.
hope in futer thread will be and all remember no give him stuf.
i think players should post what arts was stolen and ask others no buy them from market.
gunbalde godly flashing sacred. if u buy this u helping terror :-)
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Totem Tribe II: Jotun - New MMO strategy game from creators of GUNROX

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