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Originally Posted by berserker View Post
I never make changes because of some individual complains (unless it's a bug ofcourse). I always monitor games and, how people play and what they used.
Big Gun recently become #1 weapon and it's a clear sign of imba.
probelm was said that is bg + perks all who used bg used it wite perks, ther are no others wite bg that use it and no have perks , so now units are usless this is why we want free reset, we not want this unit no more .
funny is that u change perks no change wupen, maybe wupen is no good .
this si stratgy game making unit who shoot one time in a match u need now when to shoot its taking time and some time its like playing 2x3 unitl the right time. allso many players say its unbalnce when u play 2x2 and 3x3 not 1x1.
u need think about this.
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