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ok u want it like this np.
1) make it that arts are normal wite perks cuz if not my arts now are crap vs armors solid.
2) free reset u mast give cuz u change for perk users the unit that is most powerfoul and now its realy unbalnce wupen vs other perks users.
3)why u make game worse not beter? i say this cuz all lvl 50 who cry about this combo can allso do this they just can reset.
4) lower disp maybe for 2
5)so what now? the problem is not the gun its THE STUPED PERKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
no one wants perks only noobs and low lvl noobs .
agian and agian i ask my slef why i put mony in this game and i am runing out of ansers
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