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Originally Posted by berserker View Post

Today we have made another "quality of life" update for GUNROX. The game now has bigger and more readable font which also supports unicode text in chat. Now you can use all European letters with accents, Greek, Cyrillic, etc.
The game also supports exotic text like Thai, Japanese hyeroglyphs, Arabic and Herbew, but does not support right-to-left righting yet.

If anyone wants to translate the game to Arabic or Herbew, you can do it now and send me the translated file and we will try to fix the game to display it properly.

Additionally we have converted the game back to Direct3D from OpenGL, so players who had tech problems during our previous updates should be able to run the game again.

This update is pretty rough around the corners so if you encounter any bugs - please report them here.
Unfortunately you have ruined Gunrox. Bugs everywhere. All weapons are able to use, even if u don't have the required perks and skills... New font is horrible, it's very annoying to the eye...
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