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Originally Posted by xXBob_KsaXx View Post
i understand that berserker wants to make a new game but i heard someone say it once and i still believe in it , Berserker making Totem tribe 2 is just a fail. his game will never be as big as the other games out there , why would i play totem tribe 2 and not play black desert online or path of exile or even runescape ? its not gonna be a hit no matter how much u advertise it , but gunrox is special , there is no other game in the world like it and berserker thinks its dead... if berserker advertises it like he did before so many ppl would come on , if u update it as much as u did before i would bring ppl to it , i would try as hard as i can and i would pay all i have into this game to make it better but right now , no point in paying anything... u get a couple hundred dollars a month from the game from the ppl that pay every month and ur happy with that , this game wont stay alive forever with the same people...

i came back from a 1 year break just to say this i hope you think about it :/

Totemtribe 2 is bad just saying
I told berserker when he first posted he is making Retard Tribe II that he should give up games for 5 year olds and concentrate on Gunrox. A Russian never learns (he is Russian because Putin took over Ukraine - so stfu Russians!)
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