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Originally Posted by Chennai3xpress View Post
no offense towards you but your reports seems childish

reporting a guy cuz he was trashtalking to another in chat is like an elementary school child reporting his classmate for saying " shit "

also everybody trashtalk in gunrox and even admins know how the community is and u ignored everyone and sticked to henrique just cuz he got u banned

i think ur posts are personal only
You have the freedom to think whatever you want bro, that's up to you and I respect that.

But let me ask you honestly... Did you saw the Facebook links that Henri sent on General Chat? Those links was Photos of another's player MOTHER, it was Derrick I think, so at least for me this is like a line that you can't cross in a Game.

He also went on my Instagram to get the name of my Girlfriend to send me this personal message...

You can translate his words from Portuguese to English yourself.

When I was thirteen, that kind of thing would affect me. However, even if it does not affect me now, it still deserve punishment, because this type of attitude does not contribute anything to the game comunity.

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