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Default Big Gun Number One changes

Like we've been discussing this on forums, we've introduced some changes to the most controversal weapon of GUNROX - Big Gun Number One.

With this update when you used any clan perk which affects shot together with Big Gun weapon, the weapon becomes overloaded and you have 50% chance of hitting yourself.

We've made it because Big Gun was means to be ultimate one-shot weapon and applying clan perks on top of that ultimate power it just too powerful. Therefore limiting it's usage down to some suicide potential is more reasonable than disabling clan perks for this gun altogether.

This weapon is still very powerful, so those players who have proper skill should not be affected that mush. If you intentionally reset only to experience the imba intentionally - it's your loss, cause extremely imbalanced weapons (like Big Gun was) are fixed in GUNROX of regular basis.

On a side note for those who didn't knew - friend list size is increased from 5 to 10 so let's all be friends
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