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Default I QUIT

So a day ago lucy18 came to me asking me to play tourament for her 15-19. I said it depends she said she will give me 150k. I said ok. She said khalid, me and kappy can help her. I agreed all of a sudden. Khalid came and told me stay away from my friend you dumb scammer all of a sudden out of nowhere. Ignored me on all both of his accounts. How I get a scammer if I didnt even ask the girl to let me play for her really? This guy stole my arts a year ago I let it go. I did many transfer for him arts and items. All of this upset me and seeing the game is dead I decided to leave. I love Gunrox but me being labelled as a thief I will not have it. IN THE PAST 2 YEARS NAME SOMEONE I STOLE FROM? PEOPLE ASK ME FOR TRANSFER EVERYDAY THEY GET THEIR ITEMS. People aren't your friend at all especially muslims like Khalid. Many of muslims friends dont ask like a maniac who is on their period. Licking Mod Asses and Prasing GIORGI LIKE SHE CARE ABOUT YOU, GUNROX COMMUNITY IS SOUR. KHALID IS A SCAMMER AND A FAKE FRIEND. I will never be called a thief and I will never revisit this site again. The Thing is Lucy gave me 20k worth f arts and 16 coins to hold for her I did it. You know why because I am not a thief. Everyday I buss my ass to buy what I want. I remmeber when I wasn't charging and didn't had the money too, People ask me for transfer I never ever stole. Bye gunrox. All my friends jsut message me in facebook simple.
All of my friends say I should move she is just another girl don't let her stick it to your heart so hard.
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