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Berserker with all my respect
You are losing one of the most good Online games in this world
i've played many online games , alot of i mean
and after playing gunrox for 10+- years i still back to play this amazing pure tactical game from time to time
simply , i cant leave it - and many others do the same
why ? why u r leaving this game without any update for 4+- years ?
why u r not trying to share it more and more as before ?
very sad to see a game with new idea like Gunrox have only 60 players!!!
this game should have more and more players.
If i were u i would listen to my players , my teammate in game , and just look around. u leave this game long time ago. but there's still many ppl come from time to time just to remember they old days

Re-survive GUNROX in this Birthday!
Hunter-Man Dead :/

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